Take pride, and have confidence, in your decision.

Enthused with justifiable pride, inexperienced buyers often learn of an aircraft's problems too late.  An expert evaluation of the aircraft -- before buying -- should always be standard purchasing procedure.
In a Kwadair Pre-Purchase Inspection, our expert inspectors will review the aircraft's current condition, its history, and prospects for the future, including maintenance schedules and maintenance issues that may emerge later on. We'll also summarize the general history and characteristics of the particular make and model you want (or can help you decide on what that should be).

Special consideration for exports

Aircraft to be exported require additional consideration, depending on destination. Among the concerns are additional maintenance, compliance with Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, component service times or other special attention. We are familiar with Export Airworthiness Approval Procedures and will advise you with regard to such conditions.

We will also prepare your aircraft technically before export and shipment, in partnership with CAMO Organizations in Europe, or per special requirements of other importing countries.
See our page on aircraft relocation and ferrying.