Exacting maintenance. Excellent parts delivery.
Expert technical guidance.

Kwadair can meet any mechanical need. We offer continuous maintenance, periodic inspections, upgrades, repairs, etc.

  • Shorten ground time
  • Overhaul and repair avionics, engines, propellers and components (turbo, pumps, valves, landing gear, etc.)

For whatever we don't do ourselves, we'll refer you to a reputable shop, whatever country your aircraft is in.

(Outside the U.S., if you choose to remain under the FAA registry using the N-number, we offer assistance in maintaining your aircraft under these conditions.)

If you perform maintenance yourself, look to us for the replacement parts, upgrades and products such as engines, propellers, avionics and components.  

We also offer technical support, and can check over your work. Kwadair's hands-on founder is an FAA-certified Maintenance Inspector.


KWADAIR stands proudly as a direct distributor of aircraft parts for many manufacturers, serving our customers worldwide. Our partnership with a major European repair station assures faster delivery to all parts of Europe in particular.

Wherever you are, when you order from Kwadair, you do not have to wait weeks for delivery! 

Our parts delivery consists of high quality, FAA approved parts directly from manufacturer’s factory. We strive for sales excellence and accuracy in placed and delivered orders.

  • Distribution of Aircraft parts and related products
  • Prompt service on parts quotes and orders for AOG or routine aircraft maintenance
  • Fast response with special requests for hard to find parts
  • Assistance in Management of Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness
  • Routine Aircraft Inspections, Modifications and Repairs
  • Preparation for and Issuance of Export Certificates for Class I products (airframes, engines and propellers) (DAR services)
  • Verification of documents for previously purchased products, including Aircraft Research of historical documents
  • Issue of special permits for the purpose specified in FAR 21.197 (Ferry Flight)

All parts come with full documentation (8130-3, Certificate of Origin, Manufacturer’s Certificate, etc). 

We send parts fast. Kwadair's purchasing and shipping department is in New York, convenient to JFK and other domestic and international shipping hubs. Here we combine shipments, review and prepare US customs and Aviation Authorities paperwork.  Our experience with these details is critical in avoiding shipment delays, especially Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations.